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Andy refuses to step down…

I admire Andy Reid for hanging in with his assignment until the very end… And let's face it, until the Eagles are mathematically eliminated from the 2012 divisional race in the NFC East, there is a case to be made for Reid's stubborn clinging to his mission's objective…

But barring a modern-day Miracle of Lourdes, Reid's tenure is over in Philadelphia.






The problem is, the Eagles of 2012 are not just a bad team with problems that can be fixed—

They are a dreadful team with no fix in sight.

One of the admitted concerns of Mike Shanahan going into the Redskins' game was that the Eagles would go all out to save Andy Reid's job at FedEx Field this past Sunday.

But the Eagles played as if they had quit on Reid, overwhelmed by the problems before them. It was unsettling to watch.

And so, while praise was heaped on Robert Griffin III for heaving that TD pass he threw into double coverage, the Eagles were left to pack their stuff and shuffle back to Philly on Amtrak, now realizing they were just punked by a college offense.

And coach Reid has no answer because there is none. This team is dead in the water. It's got nothing left. It's barely going though the motions. Fingers are being pointed in every direction. Nobody takes responsibility. Blown coverages, bad blocking, inane quarterback play, stupid penalties, second-guessing of coordinators' calls…I'm beginning to think half of these guys don't even like each other.

It's a J. Wood "Festival" of dysfunction. We youngsters like to harpoon the old conservative "Woody" from PE.com for his perennial call for a more basic and fundamental aproach to the Eagles game plan.

But here he is in his finest and most appropriate moment. It's the transition from crazy to stable. This is where you need a Woody…

"Agreed. It is tragic: Reid has fallen apart.

"I'll remind you that Lurie allowed Ray Rhodes to twist in the wind–and one could see his (Rhodes') ill-health in his countenance.

"I'll remind you that Lurie allowed Kotite to twist in the wind, too…after Lurie had made it known mid-season ( Eagles were 7-2) that Kotite would not be extended.

"I look at AR and see a dead man walking. For all the fame and fortune bestowed on anyone who becomes an NFL HC, Andy Reid has paid a very very dear price. Many of us were ready to change coaching staffs at the end of the disastrous 2011 season. A sensible owner would have seen the issues and made a change of coaches. Reid was dead on his feet in 2011, Mornhinweg's offense impotent and Castillo's defense was shaky. Lurie chose to reload the "dream team" and make his sequel "dream team 2: the nightmare continues".

"This team hasn't lacked for player talent. It hasn't lacked for junior coaches and junior assistants. It has lacked strategic vision. Coupling Reid's bizarre fixation/addiction upon MM's offense to Howie Roseman's inexperience has been the DESTRUCTION of the Eagles.

"The players have QUIT on the coaches they like but don't respect…just as a spoiled child "loves" but doesn't respect a parent. That is the coaching culture that Andy Reid has inadvertently fostered. "

"The question that Spadaro will never ask…for 2012 who is the biggest disappointment?…
a.> the players;
b.> an individual player;
c.> the coaches;
d.> an individual coach
e.> the FO;
f.> an individual in the FO;
g.> ownership.
h.> all of the above  "
That is some deep stuff to ponder from the mind of Woody. And I have to say Woody's point/counterpoint rival Brizer has been uncharacteristically slow  to respond. Bri has been veeeery quiet since the debacle in Washington. Maybe he is pre-measuring his response in the most metrically sound way.  That would make sense to me, because we in Philly have come to a fork in the road… a fork where even Woody's historically based reminiscences and complaints are suddenly relevant.