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D-Day in Philly…Livefyre game commentary from smart phans…

No disrespect intended to the veterans who fought in the actual D-Day invasion of Normandy… the "D" stands for Dallas, Defense and Destiny…

Yes, the Eagles (3-5) need this one badly in order to establish a beachhead on the rest of the schedule. Right now the Eagles are losing the war.

Teams of destiny in this league usually get a lift from their defense when the offense is struggling. I'm hoping the Eagles "D" responds against Dallas (3-5) in a big way this Sunday. I'm hoping the D-unit will even score some points, or at least set up the offense and special teams with some short-field scoring opportunities.






The Eagles defense has some big money invested in it. Now is the time for the "D" to take charge of a game.

The Cowboys' defense is hurting a little bit coming into this game. CB Mike Jenkins is questionable with a back injury. LB Dan Connor is hobbled by a stinger, but may still play. Dallas will most likely start Bruce Carter and Ernie "The Shark" Sims at ILB. Alex Albright, who's actually listed as an outside backer and DE, will be their main backup at ILB.

Our smart phans will update us on the Inactive List for both teams as the afternoon gets closer to kickoff.  Then they will take over the Livefyre booth as they react to what unfolds on the field through this evening. No matter what, this nationally televised game (FOX) will reveal the turning point in the war of 2012 for the Eagles…and I have prepared both a victory speech and a surrender speech in advance.

Carry on.