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We’re back! Welcome to Eagles Eye…

It’s great to have you visit us, and welcome to Eagles Eye here at Bloguin.com., where we have just set up shop with the technical help of Derek Hanson and Stephen Slesinski, and with a nice push from Ben Koo and Evan Brunell.

Evan is the president of MVN.com, which is shutting down after six years of sports-blog publishing, and it was Evan who graciously promoted Eagles Eye to Ben (president of Bloguin) as a web log worthy of  being given a new home under the Bloguin banner.

We thank all of the above for their tremendous support and their belief in us.

Eagles Eye is more than just another X’s-and-O’s or pro-football-talk column… We try to give fans of the Philadelphia Eagles and the NFL a chronicle of what has to be the league’s most perplexing and loyalty-challenging franchise, with inside looks at what’s really happening in the locker room and the front office…  In other words, we give you our best-informed ideas about what players, coaches and ownership are really thinking about themselves, their team and their fans, well beyond the stats and the dollars.  We also give you a historical and cultural perspective on a team that’s been around in the NFL since the 1930’s, which has spawned a love-hate relationship with three generations of fans, and which hasn’t won a league championship since 1960.

Eagles Eye will take you to the human side of NFL football based in a city which is more famous for losing in creative ways than for winning, and we’ll introduce you to a host of actual fans who chime in almost daily on Eagles’ websites around the world. We are continuously amazed by the depth of football knowledge that Eagles’ fans around the globe bring to their often-times cynical loyalty to a team which so often has broken their hearts.  It’s also fascinating to observe how rooting for the Philadelphia Eagles can actually alter lifestyles and personal outlooks on life.

Yes, we go there, ’cause we’re one of them! And it doesn’t take long to realize, in this global economy and in the age of instant travel and job transfer, we are everywhere!

So thanks for joining us on the ride. Thomas Jackson is the local writer who’s been covering the Eagles like a blanket on Eagles Eye for the past two years at MVN, making original observations as the team has made two improbable runs at the Super Bowl, and who will soon reveal to us here the Eagles’ fate in the current playoff race. Alex Whiteleather is another Philly writer who handled “The Eye” prior to Jackson’s arrival.  Alex left to pursue his creation of “Passion & Pride” as a separate web log observing all Philadelphia team sports, and now you can also look forward to his return in this redux version of Eagles Eye