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Timberwolves fans, pay attention (or not) to these players this summer

Dear Timberwolves fans,

You probably saw this already:

The summer league schedules and rosters are out!

I’m not going to summarize who’s representing the Timberwolves (read above).

Okay, now that I got the most tedious part of the article out of the way, let’s see some reactions from Timberwolves fans:

It looks like these fans are eager to see Deonte Burton in action. (okay!)

What about the Timberwolves media? (Yes, they have opinions too!)

Interesting, right?

Alright, let me get to the point before you feel like I’m bombarding you with tweets.

My point is everyone following the Timberwolves—fans, blogosphere, and media alike—has an opinion on someone in the summer league. Some of these players, like Perry Ellis, are familiar to us.

Others are not.

There’s no, you know, one player on the roster that truly stands out (aside from Justin Patton, I guess, but he’s out for a while).


These players are there with one goal, and one goal only, in mind: to make the Timberwolves bench.

Who knows if they will. (We’ll know if they don’t)

Like the preseason games, the summer league’s an oppurtonity for these players to get playing minutes and to practice new skills.

Look at what Tyus Jones did last year:

Guy became the MVP, congratulations, but he only played 60 games last season, averaging 3.5 PPG and 12.9 MPG.

So, in the end, the summer league is what it is. A spectacle before the preseason.

So take it for what you will, Timberwolves fans.

If you could watch it, great! If not, you’re not missing much.

Unless you’re missing Timberwolves basketball.

Then you should check it out.



Go Timberwolves! Get your howl on.

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Last but not least, check out the latest Timberwolves news:

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