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LeBron James receives first career ejection for arguing with official

Cavs star LeBron James saw himself ejected from an NBA game for the first time in his 15-year career on Tuesday night. And while it’s surprising that he’s never been tossed from a game up to this point, what’s even more shocking is that what he did in the team’s game against the Heat was enough to warrant an ejection.

It happened in the third quarter of the game, when James was upset about a non-call. The Cavs forward drove the lane and attempted a bank shot near the rim — appearing to draw a lot of contact in doing so. James then jogged over to referee Kane Fitzgerald and protested the non-call, but all that did was earn him a technical foul. LeBron didn’t stop there, either, and continued to argue, which resulted in a second technical and an automatic ejection.

It was surprising that a superstar with as much clout as James has would get ejected for arguing. Teammate Kevin Love sure didn’t agree with Fitzgerald’s decision.

It’s certainly not the first time James has argued incessantly with officials, but maybe he’ll learn a lesson from Tuesday’s ejection.