Simms for Week 9 PLUS Intragame Comments Thread

Simms for Week 9 PLUS Intragame Comments Thread

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Simms for Week 9 PLUS Intragame Comments Thread


Phil Simms goes around the league…

1) IND-PHL.  12 players for the Colts are on IR.  Peyton does not waste plays.  They don’t hand it off for a 1 yard gain or loss.  They develop a new play for each week to handle the 3rd down blitz.  Well prepared.  Can the Colts rush the passer on the road like they do at home? NO!  The Eagles are the fastest offense in the NFL.  With Vick, it is a track meet.  You need to pressure Peyton Manning in order to win- it will be interesting to see if the PHL front four has enough to pressure Manning. 

2) KC-OAK.  McFadden healthy.  OAK can cover on defense, run defense is weaker.  Jason Campbell is not sharp, he is as good or as bad as the opportunities.  KC is worn down from a physical game vs BUF and a 5Q game in OT.  OAK will be a full house, that will be tough to overcome.

3) MINN– The owner, Ziggy Wilf, thought of firing Childress, asked the players what they thought of the coach.  You need continuity to succeed in the NFL.  Jared Allen is not a factor in 2010,

4) NYJ– two straight games of weak offense.  Phil laughed at himself, how wrong he was about GB-NYJ (why we LOVE Phil, he knows he will be wrong, is man enough to admit it).

5) MIA-BAL.  Miami has toughness.  Ravens- are they aggressive on defense vs the shorter throws.  BAL will win.

6) SD-HOU.  Simms still believes in the Chargers.  Chargers shot themselves in the foot again vs TENN last week, tried to lose but just had too much talent.  ESPN analyst: “When you are a QB playing vs the Texans, you do not have to think.”  Simms agrees, and admits how important it is to make QBs think, not to make it easy on them.  

and this from Showtime..

7) NYG-SEA.  “Seattle, I give them a lot of credit, it is awesome that they have the record that they…  The coaching is good, sound, the crowd noise and all of that is great, but the physical matchups, they are overwhelming in the Giants’ favor, overwhelming almost at every position on the field.  The Giants cannot lose this game.” 

We will use this thread for intragame comments.  I will be at 30,000 feet.  Go Giants.

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