Some remarks about Wildcard Weekend

Some remarks about Wildcard Weekend

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Some remarks about Wildcard Weekend


Some takeaways from Wildcard weekend:

1) Shedding some crocodile tears for the Eagles exit.  Good riddance.  Jackson gets hurt in Q1, Akers slips up, most unfortunate.  NOT!  At least the Giants implosion didn’t lead to the largest nightmare of my life, an Eagles Super Bowl.

2) Note how the Colts and Saints, last year’s Super Bowl participants, both went out in the Wildcard round.  

3) Trent Dilfer noted that the Baltimore Ravens used a lot of crossing routes vs the Chiefs  This took advantage of the Chiefs defenders’ strength on the outside, and lack of strength inside. Dilfer also pointted out that the Ravens probably use crossing routes amongst the least in the league this season.  MESSAGE:  everyone is adjusting, playing chess.  Making changes is not easy, as it requires players with the skill sets to be able to make those changes. How good and how consistent are the Giants in making adjustments?

4) James Allen noted the lame (soft zone) schemes of the Saints.  Any QB with any competence in today’s NFL is going to make you pay.

5) Ever hear of the rookie, James Starks? He  ran for 123 yards vs the Eagles and was cited by Aaron Rodgers as the reason for the offense’s success on Sunday.

6) These Ravens-Steelers and Jets-Patriots matchups next weekend are great for football.

7) How is this for irony- the only home team in this weekend’s wildcard games to win was.. the Seattle Seahawks!     

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