GMJR Actually Does It, Signs Jack Johnson (And Matt Cullen)

GMJR Actually Does It, Signs Jack Johnson (And Matt Cullen)


GMJR Actually Does It, Signs Jack Johnson (And Matt Cullen)


All of our nightmares are officially a reality, despite all of the warning signs and previous good moves.  Just days following opening up $5.25M in cap space, GMJR spent $3.5M of it in each of the next 5 years on Jack fucking Johnson instead of someone decent (or no one at all).

Make no mistake, Jack Johnson sucks.  He’s sucked his entire career, is 31, and has lost at least 6 steps over the course of his 12 year NHL career.

The notion that you have to sign someone in FA and it’s okay to sign a bad player because the pickings are slim is the most asinine defense of signing a bad player.  Just don’t sign anyone- it’s not difficult.  Ain’t much more to say about this that hasn’t already been said.  No amount of “it could be worse” will make this a good signing.  There’s no silver lining.  This isn’t NHL 11.

Hopefully it all works out.  Hopefully he manages to come here and be good all of a sudden under the tutelage of Sullivan, Martin, and Gonchar.  But until then, god speed.

In a secondary move, Matt Cullen was brought back home on a one year deal, just days after getting Sheahan to put pen to paper on a new 1 year deal.  With Crosby-Malkin-Brassard-Sheahan down the middle, it’s an odd signing, but both Brassard and Sheahan are capable on the wing, giving the Pens a little bit more flexibility moving forward.  Also, it cost damn near nothing so…

Welcome home, Dad.  See you on the other side.

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