The 10 worst MLB players so far in 2019

The 10 worst MLB players so far in 2019

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The 10 worst MLB players so far in 2019


Jurickson Profar, Oakland Athletics

March/April Stats: .495 OPS, .107 ISO, 2 homers, 13 RBI, good for a 33 wRC+ and -0.7 fWAR in 112 plate appearances

Although he likely wished for a better start to 2019, Profar can at least be happy with the fact that most of his process hasn’t changed drastically from last year’s 2.9-fWAR performance. That’s something to hold onto, right?

The infielder’s plate-discipline stats and batted-ball profile look similar to what he did in 2018 with the Texas Rangers. There are a couple of glaring differences, though. His soft-hit rate has risen nearly six percentage points (20.2% to 26.1%), and while his 35.2% fly-ball rate is nearly identical to last year’s 34.3% mark, it’s accompanied by a 25.8% infield-fly rate.

That just barely beats out Albert Pujols for the worst in baseball.

However, Profar has still managed 20.5% line-drive rate and 37.5% hard-hit rate. Either way, his .174 BABIP is bound to start coming back up sooner or later.

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