The Kings and the Virus

The Kings and the Virus

Barry Melrose Rocks

The Kings and the Virus


This is an era where teams and fans are hyper aware of what is going on, thanks largely to the internet, but also a more cynical analysis of everything from goal production, prospect development, and of course, revenue generation. Thanks nerds.

One thing this has lead to is a complete appreciation of teams that “get it”. Either they know how to build franchises, or develop players based on strategy, rather than luck. Blogs have risen and fallen thanks to their ability to more accurately critique teams of their choice. Other teams demonstrate a profound social awareness.

The Los Angeles Kings have always had a good natured, self effacing and fun social media presence. One might think that a quality social media team has something to do with relating to the youth or understanding meme culture, but in truth, the clue is in the first word of the term. To be as good at social media as the Kings are, you need o be in touch with society.

Right now, society is hurting. This isn’t a time to be unnecessarily glib (which is a lesson I have certainly learned the hard way) though you can still be fun, This is a time to be engaged with fans to help everyone get through it.

While other teams may be using filler for their website, without much thought. There is nothing wrong with this, and many teams in all sports are trying to cut costs where they can, and that often means cuts to the marketing team. The Kings don’t appear to have done that though.

Their home page is a litany of charitable endeavors – both their own, and advertisements for others, recommendations for things to do while quarantined, offers of team branded masks, fun diversions, and somehow, regularly posted podcasts dedicated to their AHL team.

This is a responsible way for a team to approach our current international crisis. The Kings might not be very good on the ice this year, but they are proving again that they are good where it counts.

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