0-2 NY Giant Grief Counselor 

The Giants are 0-2. Fans are extremely emotional. Let’s sort this out with some professional grief counseling.

ANGER. We’re angry at Reese for perpetually destroying the OL with his lousy drafting and lack of help in Free Agency. We’re angry at McAdoo for spending 9 months this offseason doing absolutely nothing to adapt to the same sh*t problems he had last season. We’re angry at Mike Solari for the lack of development of the OL and its players. And we’re angry at the lamestream media who in the offseason fed us PR from the Giants machine that these problems were solved.

DENIAL. Reese has been in denial about OL since 2010. There are some fans who are in denial that the team is 0-2 and vaporizing another opportunity while OBJ is on his rookie contract/Eli not walking with a cane. Some fans think this is the team that has the 12% (read 100% lol) chance to make the playoffs. Some fans quote 2007 starting 0-2 and winning a Super Bowl for their denial of the problems. The much bigger problem is that McAdoo is in denial when he proclaims Flowers is “absolutely” his starting Left Tackle for Week 3 without serious adjustments to help him. 

BARGAINING. Can we just go back to the 2016 Draft and take Laremy Tunsil instead of Eli Apple? Puhleez? 

DEPRESSION. When we lose to the Eagles on Sunday and are 0-3. (If this happens, Mrs. UltimateNYG plans to campaign to stop me from blogging.)

ACCEPTANCE. Not there yet by a longshot. There are still 14 games left and we’re not giving up. Call that more denial. McAdoo can’t be that thick in the head that he can’t make the adjustments to win, can he??!!

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