NFL Fans React To 49ers Trade For Panthers Kicker Zane Gonzalez

Zane Gonzalez

The 2023 NFL offseason is not without its crazy surprises.

Forget all of the quarterback drama, the latest news has fans reacting in hilarious ways as it involves kickers.

The San Francisco 49ers orchestrated a trade with the Carolina Panthers for the team’s kicker Zane Gonzalez.

Trades for kickers are few and far between, but the 49ers did lose their veteran kicker Robbie Gould who at 40 years old wanted to test the free agent market.

To date, that has not materialized in a new contract though Gould is working the Chicago Bears reunion angle pretty diligently.

On top of all of this is the fact that the Panthers re-signed 2022 kicker Eddy Pineiro, and there were indications that they were planning to cut Gonzalez, but the 49ers jumped on the trade before that happened.

Gonzalez was injured during the 2022 season so he had not played since Week 12 of 2021.

You cannot make this stuff up folks.

You also cannot make up the fans’ reactions to this plot twist on Twitter.

Here are some of the more noteworthy ones.

Evan Elliott pointed out the revolving door that seems to be in operation between the Panthers and the 49ers given the recent player movement including Christian McCaffrey, Sam Darnold, Steve Wilks, and Zane Gonzalez.

Basement Dweller Here called this curious mashup of players going from Carolina to San Francisco the “San Francisco Panthers.”

Darrick Smith wondered if the trade terms were “two vending machines and water cooler.”

Latson called this “literally the most random trade ever.”


Far be it for us to second-guess the San Francisco 49ers front office, but this is so strange.

They must know something we do not.

He probably would have been released if they waited.

One fan is already making a prediction about how 49ers Coach Kyle Shanahan will (or will not) utilize Gonzalez.

HRB said:

“On the bright side it looks like Kyle will be going for it more on 4th downs.”

All of us will keep a close eye on how well Gonzalez, Piniero, and Gould do in this bizarre 2023 kicker switcheroo.

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