NYG 27 CLE 13

The turkey was served on Thursday. We had leftovers in Cleveland Sunday.

The Giants seem to enjoy playing up to and down to the level of their opposition. So the last 2 weeks vs CHI and CLE, these were two contests that the Giants were TD favorites, but they had to make it closer than it needed to be.

A 0-0 slopfest midway through Q2 was broken by two turnovers by each team that led to a 7-3 lead by the Gmen. The 2 minute hurry-up by the Giants created some (extremely) limited urgency, which generated a strike to Cruz and then a 32 yd TD to OBJ (3 yd reception +29 YAC). The Giants gave up a FG to the Browns to end the half, holding onto a 14-6 lead through 3 quarters.

Beckham went for 6 receptions 2 TDs 96 yds. He had two punt returns called back on penalties. I do not want him on special teams. The risk to injury does not make sense, as he is too valuable. I would use Beckham in the playoffs on Specials if the situation warrants it.

OBJ was the electric charge the Offense needed to awaken from their slumber. He jolted them on their 32 yd score to make it 14-3. He put the game away with a 41 yd reception and subsequent 4 yd TD. Since Week 4, Odell Beckham has accumulated 8 TDs.

Let’s give credit to the NY Giants Defense. At least they did their job. A Rainey gift fumble on special teams was stopped for a FG, so the Giants really only allowed 10 points all game. Considering the D also generated their own INT TD by JPP, they were a net -3 for the entire game. The pass rush generated 7 sacks, 11 hits and 11+ knockdowns. JPP has collected 5.5 sacks in the past 2 games, the lion’s share of his 7 sacks this season.

The Giant will need to play full games by all 3 units the final 5 games of the season. When you play weaker opponents like the Bears and Browns, the Offense can show up for half of the game. The Special Teams can fumble away the ball and call back nice returns.  Today we only saw the Defense for 60 minutes. That will not get it done vs PIT DAL DET PHI and WAS. I believe 10 wins will get the Giants a playoff spot. That means 2 wins are needed down the stretch. If the Offense can play at a higher level for 60 minutes, they can get a lot more than that. So far they have not shown their potential.

In order to get some perspective on this 8-3 record of the Giants, the oddsmakers have put in the Steelers as ~6 point favorites for next Sunday. Obviously a betting line is no indication of the final score, so if you think the Giants will win you can receive positive moneyline odds for that result. The point is that we as fans need to objectively look at the next 5 weeks versus much stiffer competition and ask more from the Offense before we ask for more wins.

The Defense will get a much stiffer test from Roethlisberger, Bell, and Brown. The Steelers Defense is not very good and will give up points. The Giants offense needs to play crisp and with urgency for a full game. We have not seen that this season. I believe some of that is McAdoo’s fault. There are lapses that we have seen from the OL, TE, and QB. If the Offense can play with the urgency of the 2 minute drill, the point spread will be a mistake. Right now, the bettors are saying “Show Me.”

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