Dwyane Wade on Sixers: 'This is the future of the NBA'

Dwyane Wade on Sixers: 'This is the future of the NBA'


Dwyane Wade on Sixers: 'This is the future of the NBA'


On Tuesday night, the Philadelphia 76ers wrapped up a tough and hard-fought first-round series against the Miami Heat. The Heat gave the young Sixers everything they could handle until the final minutes of Game 5, but Philadelphia always had a response.

Heat guard and 14-year veteran Dwyane Wade was very impressed with how the Sixers handled themselves in their first playoff series and believes that they have a bright future.

“You want to see nothing but good things for those guys,” Wade said on Tuesday night, after Game 5. “This is the future of the NBA. The NBA is in great hands with Ben (Simmons) and Joel (Embiid) and those kind of individuals.”

This is a strong statement from a veteran like Wade, who has gone to multiple NBA playoff appearances and won a few NBA titles in his career. He has also played with the greatest player in the world in LeBron James and one of the best big men in the NBA in Shaquille O’Neal.

Now, this is not to say Simmons and Embiid will be like James and O’Neal because that is a high standard to follow. However, both Embiid and Simmons have played outstanding this season and in the process showed flashes of brilliance that leave you in awe.

Along those lines, Wade reiterated his belief in the young Sixers and that if they can win now, then go for it.

“.. I believe in them guys. I believe that they’re going to be special for a while, but also, if they believe that they can do it now, they can.”

It seems as if the Sixers are proving themselves to be a force to be reckoned with in the Eastern Conference for years to come. They have the right head coach in place and an abundance of young talent that is only going to get better in the following years to come.

The Sixers will continue their playoff push in the Eastern Conference semifinals as they await the winner of the Boston Celtics-Milwaukee Bucks series.

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