Oilers Postgame: Insanity is...

Oilers Postgame: Insanity is...


Oilers Postgame: Insanity is...


….doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

The Good

  • Anton Slepyshev’s goal was beautiful, which means he’s definitely getting traded.
  • Kris Russell made up for a blunder (see below) by scoring a goal in the other team’s net.

The Bad

  • Andrej Sekera took a puck to the face and missed most of the game. Then Kris Russell blocked a shot and went straight to the dressing room. He returned though. Oh he returned.
  • The Ducks scored within 3 minutes; it wasn’t on the first shot of the game, but it was still within three minutes and as such is a bad goal to give up.
  • This means that the Oilers have played approximately 87,000 minutes trailing their opponents this season. The math checks out.

The Ugly

  • Milan Lucic. He needs to be benched. Or traded. Or strapped to a rocket and fired into the sun.
  • Pat Maroon made a bunch of dumb decisions, but he got absolutely bamboozled on the GWG. He was so flat-footed he looked like Lucic.
  • Kris Russell gave away the puck in the slot and it landed on Corey Perry’s stick, and then it was in the net.

The Takeaway

This team is bad and no one who can wants to change it except by trading Slepyshev and probably Nuge and maybe even Klefbom. Because that makes all the sense in the world.

We’re all going to die. Watch the Olympics instead. Because if you do, you can see things like this:

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