Steven Matz Is Fixed!!!

Steven Matz Is Fixed!!!


Steven Matz Is Fixed!!!


Nothing is worse than when you’re home on a weekday, and the Mets aren’t even televised on the account. So I made the best of it by watching the Pirates and Phillies on MLB Network, where Phillies prospect Scott Kingery talked about his favorite cheeseburger. (Two patties, two pieces of cheese, bacon, avocado, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and tomato.) Well, now I’m hungry.

But the palate was definitely satisfied by Steven Matz’s start against the Tigers on Friday, even if I couldn’t see it.

Unfortunately, I can’t analyze every pitch for location as I did for his last start because, again, this damn game wasn’t on television anywhere. But I’d guess that his location was better than it was against the Nationals. Kudos to Mickey Callaway and Dave Eiland for fixing Steven Matz once and for all and already earning all of their salary for 2018. And if that seems a little over the top, well … over the top is something we specialize in.

By the way, Matz left Friday’s game and was replaced by Hansel Robles. Single, double, three run home run. Mickey and Dave can earn 2019’s salary if they were able to fix Robles.

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