8/16/18 Game Preview: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Game 1

8/16/18 Game Preview: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Game 1


8/16/18 Game Preview: New York Mets at Philadelphia Phillies Game 1


The Mets are still trudging through a road trip that has them playing four teams in five different cities in a span of ten days. They won the series against Florida, finished off a series win against the Yankees, and split a series against Baltimore. Now they head to Philadelphia for four against the Phillies before finishing off the five game series at Williamsport on Sunday. Game One is in the land of Cheesesteak at 4:05 PM.

The Phillies are throwing back to their Von Hayes era uniforms today, so if you squint hard enough you can see Tom Gorman and Calvin Schiraldi give up 26 runs.

How To Enjoy

Radio Coverage: 710 WOR or ESPN Deportes 1050 here in New York, and  either either 1210 WPHT  or WTTM 1680 in Philadelphia

Television Coverage: None! This game is not on television. Not because SNY lost their license because they went a little too in depth about the Steve Gelbs’ sweat glands on Wednesday night, but because …

Internet Coverage: This game is on Facebook Watch, baby!!! Maybe Scott Braun! Maybe John Kruk! And maybe Cliff Floyd to keep John Kruk in line.

The Pitchers

Corey Oswalt’s last six starts have seen him pitch to a 3.94 ERA as his season long ERA has gone from 9.82 to 5.03. Oswalt started the 11 inning loss to the Marlins, as Amed Rosario and Jeff McNeil are still trying to figure out who is covering second on a double play.

And in case you’re wondering about relievers on this doubleheader Thursday:

I feel much better.

Ranger Suarez is making his second ever major league appearance after giving up four runs in five innings on July 26th against the Reds. If I run into somebody named “Ranger Suarez” then you might be my one phone call.

The Lineups

And for Philadelphia:

Where did they get that third place hitter from?

Game Notes

  • Todd Frazier is hitting .217 in 60 at bats at Citizens Bank Park.
  • Jose Bautista is somehow worse … hitting .203 at CBP in 59 AB’s with no home runs!
  • So next, I look at Brandon Nimmo hoping for some good news, but he’s even worse! At CBP he’s hitting .171 with no home runs in 35 AB’s with no home runs and nine strikeouts. (But neither he nor Bautista are in the lineup for Game 1 so we’re okay.)
  • Wilmer Flores is our beacon of hope. He’s hitting .289 with 4 HR’s and 18 HR’s in 83 AB’s in Philadelphia.
  • Michael Conforto has also done well in Citizens Bank Park, hitting 7 HR’s with an OPS of .983 in 68 at-bats.
  • Oh and by the way, the Phillies’ third hitter today, Asdrubal Cabrera, his hitting .354 at CBP … with 6 homers, 9 doubles, and an OPS of 1.002. Hey, good pick up!

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