Can Bartolo Be Far Behind?

Can Bartolo Be Far Behind?


Can Bartolo Be Far Behind?


I mean, as long as we’re bringing folk heroes back …

Probably not fruitful to overanalyze this, as in “what does this mean for Adeiny Hechavarria”. I mean, it’s a minor league deal and I wouldn’t bring Tejada up before Hechavarria, but I don’t have 500 words for it. But let this blog post exist for posterity when every single middle infielder is injured and Tejada is back with the Mets wearing number 11 and you go on your message boards and your 17 Mets Facebook groups with the same name (but are totally different) and ask “When did Ruben Tejada become a Met again?” It’s today, Jim. It’s today.

You still suck, Chase Utley.


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