Dark Side Of The Rain

Dark Side Of The Rain


Dark Side Of The Rain


Just to start off here: If I owned the Mets, Friday’s game is postponed in the morning.

Obviously, they played the game tonight so I would have been wrong. But the forecast had been miserable for three days. The worst of the rain was coming at 7:30. To make fans wait around in miserable weather to see a game which may not happen (especially when the Mets apparently pocket the day of game pocket money to park for no game) is something that’s frustrating every time the Mets do it.

That said, the game was played, and fans holding tickets got a freebie for another game so good on the Mets for that at least. I understand that the opponent being the Brewers and not a National League East foe who will be here ten more times made it imperative that the Mets get this game in so that they wouldn’t have to play a doubleheader Saturday or Sunday. (I thought August 8th would have been a fine day to make up a baseball game, but I know nothing.)

Apr 26, 2019; New York City, NY, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Jacob deGrom (48) looks on from the dugout after giving up five runs against the Milwaukee Brewers during the third inning at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Now add to all of this the layer of making Jacob deGrom return from the disabled list for this nonsense. You could argue that the Mets should have pivoted Jacob out of this game in favor of Corey Oswalt or something … especially knowing for the better part of the week that the weather for this game looked terrible. They knew that there would be a delay and could have brought deGrom back for Sunday, perhaps.

So what happens? Well the combination of the return from injury, waiting around for a rain delay, and deGrom’s own battle with command that have existed since the Marlins start all resulted in four innings and five Milwaukee runs in deGrom’s 89 pitches. It all seemed kinda pointless.

The Mets could have gotten all of those runs back save for some Brewers defense. Some of it, expected:

Some, not so much:

Corey Oswalt came in for deGrom and wasn’t much better. Bottom line, fans waited around for close to three hours to see a game that was junk from the beginning, and they’ll get to trade these tickets in for a game that Jason Vargas starts. And … by going to the game and not watching on television, they missed SNY vacation photos, and they didn’t get to learn from Keith that there’s a reggae version of Dark Side of the Moon, which I’m sure makes perfect sense when played backwards and synced up with this game on DVR.

And the Phillies won. What a night.

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  1. Teddy Higuera
  2. Mike Moustakas
  3. Guillermo Mota
  4. Mark Loretta
  5. John Jaha

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