Breaking: Jeurys Familia

Breaking: Jeurys Familia


Breaking: Jeurys Familia


Well this might explain the 2019 struggles of Jeurys Familia:

The ironic part about all of this is that Edwin Diaz has been limited to being a one inning pitcher because the Mets were worried about his health … he was diagnosed with a bone spur over the winter though that’s supposedly not related to the restriction. Familia goes a second inning last night, and they find a bone spur and he’s on the injured list.

Not that I think Familia going a second inning doomed him. If he has a bone spur, it was going to spur no matter what. Human physiology doesn’t have an inning count. But man, $30 million sunk and who knows if he’ll ever be right again. As for this season, the remade bullpen has officially gone in the dumpster with Familia gone and Justin Wilson already hurt. I hear that a closer for a World Series champion is available. Maybe that reliever will text Brodie and say “come get me”.

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