Chaos erupts in Mets' clubhouse as Mickey Callaway, Jason Vargas go after reporter

Chaos erupts in Mets' clubhouse as Mickey Callaway, Jason Vargas go after reporter


Chaos erupts in Mets' clubhouse as Mickey Callaway, Jason Vargas go after reporter


  1. The frustration is clearly starting to boil over in the New York Mets’ clubhouse. The Mets blew a golden opportunity to win a road series against the Chicago Cubs this afternoon, with Seth Lugo imploding in his second inning of work, giving up a go ahead homer to Javier Baez in a 5-3 loss. Despite having a rested Edwin Diaz, who had thrown only 12 pitches over the last week, in the bullpen Mickey Callaway stuck with Lugo. Reporters questioned Callaway’s decision making after the game, and all hell started to break loose.

Jun 21, 2019; Chicago, IL, USA; New York Mets manager Mickey Callaway (36) walks across the field before the start of a game against the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. Mandatory Credit: Jim Young-USA TODAY Sports

The problems started with Matt Ehalt, who questioned why Diaz wasn’t considered for a five out save. Here’s a look at what Callaway had to say about that.

Ok, not a great start here for the skipper, but Ehalt asked a fair question. We can write this off as frustration from the fact that Lugo didn’t get the job done, which is understandable for any manager when his team isn’t playing well. What happened next, however, was downright embarrassing for the franchise. Callaway apparently took offense to what Tim Healey, another one of the beat reporters, said and tried to have him thrown out of the clubhouse.

What did Healey do to warrant this anger?

That’s great. Healey said “see you tomorrow” and Callaway turns it into World War III. To make matters worse, Jason Vargas decided to get in on the act.

So in summary, Mickey Callaway and Jason Vargas just cursed out a reporter, with Vargas trying to physically assault him. This simply cannot happen under any circumstances, and the Mets should be embarrassed as an organization that things have gotten this far.

Callaway is clearly cracking under the pressure of managing for his job, and the Mets need to send a strong message that this kind of behavior is not acceptable. At a minimum, both Callaway and Vargas should be suspended for their actions after this game, and you can argue that Callaway should be fired for this incident. There were reports earlier this week that Callaway was being protected by Jeff Wilpon and an in-season firing wouldn’t occur unless the Mets’ season became a complete fiasco.

If this isn’t a complete fiasco, what is in Queens?

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