What weight pickleball paddle should I use?

What weight pickleball paddle should I use?


What weight pickleball paddle should I use?


A pickleball paddle comes with various attributes. Every attribute of the pickleball paddle has its share of importance and purpose. However, the weight in a paddle plays a major role in deciding the performance of both the pickleball paddle and the player. 

As a pickleball enthusiast, you must consider the weight factor while opting for one to purchase. In this article, we are going to give you an idea of what weight you should choose to have the best paddles:

Lightweight pickleball paddles:

Are you going to hit a dink and drop shot? Then drop the weight of the paddle you are choosing. A lightweight pickleball paddle goes suitably with those who want to have more control over their game. 

The lightweight paddles are best for offering a quicker response time, necessary for the next time practicing to defend the blasted balls. 

In case you are planning to start as a beginner, then the lightweight paddles are the most advantageous one to spend more time acquiring the perfect knowledge of control. 

The lightweight pickleball paddles add more swing in the wristy movements, necessary for the added flexibility to tackle every shot with better mastery. But if you want to avoid the excessive vibration and stress in your elbow area, then lightweight pickleball paddles are just not for you. 

Or if you are suffering from the tennis elbow, then it’s better to avoid the lightweight paddles. The suitable weight for a lightweight pickleball paddle should be <7.3 oz to get that perfect swinging while playing.

Mid-weight pickleball paddle:

Mid-weight paddles are not too light or not too heavy, which are excellent to provide proper control and power to your playing experience. The hitting serves, and the service returns need to be handled with controlled strength, and a mid-weight pickleball paddle is apt for that. 

For dunking at the net, there is no need for excessive swing, and with a mid-weight pickleball paddle, you can do that with proper ease. 

Also, if you are suffering from tennis elbow, then midweight pickleball paddles are better with its lessened vibration and added moderate weight on it. 

Players who have a tennis background can master the pickleball technique quite easily with this kind of paddle as it doesn’t require you to put too much pressure in the wrist area with enhanced actions to apply more power. 

The medium-sized pickleball paddle should meet the weight range between 7.3-8.4 oz for having that moderate weight, suitable for reducing the vibration.

Heavyweight pickleball paddles:

Those who love a little bit more power than the swinging heavyweight paddles are perfect for them. These paddles are made of wood, which adds more weight to the paddle so that you can hit with power every time.

Aged people or people with arm problems who have difficulties to attend swings can use this heavyweight one to generate more pop to the ball for a smooth and easy vibration-free delivery. 

Also, those who have a background of playing singles in tennis are more comfortable with the power application while playing. A heavy paddle can be suitable for them in that case. However, like other types, it also has its drawbacks. 

Continuous heavy weight can lead to arm fatigue. A heavyweight pickleball paddle should meet the weight requirement ranging between 8.5-9.5 oz to benefit those who are fond of generating less head speed suitable for the light and powerful hitting.


It will be a totally wrong decision if you ignore the weight attribute of a pickleball paddle. The weight of the paddle has an impact on the amount of power control in the game. The better acceleration as per your need and gaming type can only be served through the optimized weight factor.

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