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NASCAR: Top 5 Unbreakable Records in Stock Car Racing History

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is most recognized for its affiliations with all things extreme. This prestigious company currently organizes and oversees more than a 1,500 races, and of course, these races produce some of the most talented drivers, pit crew and high-end cars imaginable. With this year’s season coming to a close, this ultimate combination of man and machine still hasn’t managed to surpass some of the records in the history books.

Margin of Victory

The culmination point of any racer would most definitely be standing on that podium declared a winner. In racing, it’s only natural having a record related to the margin of victory. Believe it or not, NASCAR has two different records related to it –

1. Lap Margin – the largest margin of victory was set by Ned Jarrett, with a 14-lap advantage over Buck Baker back in the 1965 Southern 500

2. Time Margin – Ricky Craven beating Kurt Busch in 2003 for 0.002 seconds, on the other hand, set the closest margin of victory record. If there is any room left to beat the largest margin record, there is as little as possible (only 0.001 second) for the closest, making it an unbreakable record by all means.

Even with only these two margin records set, there have been other accomplishments and records where credit is due because it is certainly deserved.

Most Wins per Season

Richard Petty is firmly established as a record-holder for this category, and quite deservingly. His 1967 season definitely represented the prime of his career, with 27 wins out of 48 season races. Even if drivers were asked to reach the same winning percentage in today’s 36 race seasons, there is still little to no chance anyone can make it through.

Most Consecutive Race Wins

The King has gone down in NASCAR history for more than just one record-breaking race finale. Richard Petty also holds the record for most consecutive wins, achieving 10 victories in a row. What is more, this record came in 1967, when he hit the all-time-high 27 season wins. You are better off winning the jackpot if you buy Powerball tickets for the next draw than witnessing the top NASCAR drivers with today’s advanced car systems reach the same glory.

Fastest Qualifying Speed

The fastest qualifying speed in a NASCAR event was recorded back in 1987, amounting up to 212.809 mph. The closest drivers have come to surpassing it was in 2014 when Jeff Gordon was able to hit a little over 206 mph, still lacking 6 units to the record-breaking point. Many have argued against the claim that cars three decades ago were able to reach greater speed than today’s four-wheeled monsters. However, the first introduction of restrictor-plates in 1988 and recent additional security measures have set a speed barrier in order to prevent detrimental crashes.

Least Cars in a Race Finale

Finishing a race and being the only one on the track is a fairly unusual sight for everyday NASCAR races. The final lap is supposedly where the every second would usually make all the difference between a win and lose. It is where the drivers and cars are pushing their limits to the finish line. Still, the 1994 Tyson Holly Farms 400 race saw Geoff Bodine make the end lap completely singlehandedly. Unless a major technical issue has appeared in all other vehicles, there is absolutely no chance of anyone achieving the same record.

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