Cam Talbot, Moving To Edmonton?


Well over a month ago, I touched on New York Rangers’ G Cam Talbot as part of the off-season targets series. About two weeks ago, I touched on Talbot again, this time after hearing that he was one of three goalies that the Edmonton Oilers are targeting this summer.

On Sunday, Larry Brooks added a little more fuel to the Talbot fire in his usual column, suggesting that Talbot is likely to be traded during the entry draft in less than two weeks. The full Brooks article is here, but the most important part (via TheScore) is the following quote.

The safest bet going into the June 26-27 draft weekend is the Blueshirts will indeed trade Cam Talbot. Several well-placed sources report there is a ‘significant’ amount of interest in the soon-to-be 28-year-old goaltender, with inquiries not confined to clubs seeking a No. 1 (goalie), but from some as well looking for a backup.

The Rangers are seeking to maximize the return in draft picks for the netminder, who was the team’s most valuable player the second half of the season during Henrik Lundqvist’s extended absence.

Obviously, we knew the Rangers were considering this avenue. Now that Brooks puts it out there, I think we can accept it as close to fact. If the Rangers get remotely close to what they want, Talbot will be gone in about two weeks time.

Interesting to note as well that New York is looking for draft picks as part of the package. Edmonton has two second round picks, 33rd and 57th, as well as two third round picks and an extra first, the 16th overall pick. I’d start by offering the 57th pick to the Rangers, but would be prepared to deal the 33rd pick for Talbot.

Now, if it gets to the 16th overall pick, I’d hold off. Edmonton should either make the selection at 16, or trade it for an established defender. Trading for a goaltender, especially one with some risk like Talbot, doesn’t usually work out.

Here’s the thing with Talbot, when Henrik Lundqvist went down and missed all of February and most of March, Talbot was sensational. He posted a 21-9-4 record with a 2.21 GAA and a sparkling .926 SV% this past season.

I watched a handful of those games, and I must say Talbot impressed me with his calmness and ability in net. He’s a battler, but he’s rarely caught out of position.

While Talbot hasn’t proven himself as a starter, his .926 SV% this year is joined by a .941 mark in 2013-14. He’s shown well so far, but still has played less than 60 NHL games. He’s a good risk, but a risk nonetheless.

All that being said, I like Talbot a lot and would be willing to take the risk on him if the price is right. If it’s draft picks the Rangers are looking for, then the 33rd overall pick should make it happen. What say you Oiler fans, is the 33rd overall pick too much for a guy like Talbot?

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