My favorite part of Monday’s make up game against the Twins was Gary Cohen going absolutely insane over an egregious bit of hometown scoring. Daniel Murphy clearly erred on a Clete Thomas grounder when he threw it to Oshkosh. But apparently the official scorer was Clete Thomas’ mom because Clete was awarded a hit on the play. Cohen turned into Hawk Harrelson, forcing Keith Hernandez … Keith Hernandez … to be the calm one in the booth. If you didn’t see the play, just know that the juxtaposition of the two announcers to personality traits we’re not accustomed to hearing from them is proof enough that this official scoring was probably one of the worst in history.

Dillon Gee was brilliant on Monday when they needed him to be most as the bullpen was fairly wiped. The Clete Thomas “hit” wasn’t the only one that Gee had given up, as he gave up just enough hits to make sure that any Met fans at Target Field for the game didn’t leave the park steamed because they should have seen a no-hitter. Trust me, I know how that feels. But no matter, because Gee’s masterpiece combined with Juan Lagares running down every fly ball hit to him and everybody else gave the Mets a 6-1 victory in their brief stop in Minnesota.

Also, Marlon Byrd had his 20th home run of the season, which tied his career best. It’s too bad that his 20 dingers weren’t a part of something greater, which would have highlighted what is a pretty decent redemption story. Instead, Byrd will go down in Mets lore as the guy who everybody forgets when the Beer Money question is “name every Mets outfielder who once hit 20 home runs in a season”. And you just know that the person who gets this question is going to say “Jason Bay” before they even think of Marlon Byrd. How sad.

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