Jamal Adams explains why he ended dispute with Seahawks by signing new contract

Seahawks fans can breathe a bit easier now that the contract dispute between Jamal Adams and the team has come to an end.

Adams plays a hybrid role in the defense, and that’s why he was aiming to get paid on a linebacker pay scale, rather than a safety. And it was really starting to look like he was willing to hold out, rather than suit up and play, with his future clouding his judgement.

But the uncertainty officially ended on Tuesday, when Adams signed a four-year, $70 million contract. He’s now the highest-paid safety in the NFL.

This can be viewed as a win for the Seahawks, as they didn’t have to break the bank to sign Adams. And so what everyone wanted to know was why Adams gave in, rather than seeking linebacker-esque money.

Apparently, his mother played a big role.

Can’t argue with that logic.