Playoff Pick’em – Round 3


Welcome back folks! That was an exciting and unpredictable (for some) 2nd round. There was a major upset in the Montreal/Boston series, which ALL 5 OF US GOT WRONG and most North America hockey fans as well, and some surprising performances from NY and Minny. Alex, Shawn and Boris all hit on 3 series but the win goes to Alex because Boris missed on series lengths outright and Shawn was a little premature in his Boston premonition.


The standings are now Jackie and Boris in top spot at 8-4 a piece and the other 3, Alex, Dave and Shawn, sucking hind banana while doing their best Barbara-Anne Scott imitation.

Jackie: 2 – 2 (8 – 4 overall)
From first -round champ to second round chimp! She went 2-0 in the West and 0-2 in the East. Notable hits, LA in 7 and Chicago in 6. Embarrassing misses, Boston in 6.

Shawn: 3 – 1 (7 – 5 overall)
Shawn redeemed himself a little in the second round after swinging .500 in the first. He went 2-0 in the West and 1-1 in the East. Notable hits, Rangers in 7. Embarrassing misses, he actually guessed Iginla in 7 and he was a mostly a non-factor, only scoring in one of the B’s wins (an eventual game winner though) sooooo… Even though game 7 could have gone either way, Shawn gets docked marks for trying to be the smartest guy in the room.

Dave: 2 – 2 (7 – 5 overall)
After doing OK in the first round, Dave pulled up a little lame in the 2nd round. He went 2-0 in the West and 0-2 in the East. Notable hits, *crickets*. Embarrassing misses, Pittsburgh in 5 (with and honurable mention to Boston in 6). Trololol! What were you thinking?!

Alex: 3 – 1 (7 – 5 overall)
Alex tied for the top spot in the second round after a very lackluster first. He went 2-2 in the West and 1-1 in the East. Notable hits, Chicago in 6. Embarrassing misses, you almost get dinged for Boston in 6, but everyone was fooled in that seiries so you’re off the hook.

Boris: 3 – 1 (8 – 4 overall)
Boris is the only one to keep pace from his performance in the first round and although he’s not running the tables, he’s showing that he can pick winners pretty reliably even if the number of games is a little off. He went 2-0 in the West and 1-1 in the East. Notable hits, *crickets*. Embarrassing misses, Boston in 5 (he was way off in thinking Boston was going to dominate), and an honourable mentions to his Chicago sweep prediction.

Third Round Picks

The West

Chicago VS LA

Jackie: Chicago in 7 – I am throwing this one out there on a whim. I really think it could go either way… depends on which Chicago team shows up. Shawn: LA In 7 – All the good series have gone 7, so both these will as well. Chicago is the best team in the league, but LA is built for the playoffs. Kopitar and Gaborik are lighting up as countrymen do and I’d take Quick over Crawford any day of the week.

Dave: Chicago in 6
Chicago is a deep deep team, they’re playing good defensively and their stars are shining. I picked the Hawks to repeat as cup champs at the beginning of the season and they haven’t given me any reason to change my mind.

Alex: LA in 7
The Kings have battled the odds to get this far, while the Hawks title defense has been the best we have seen in years. Both teams are clicking, but LA is in a zone right now, and they remind me of their 2012 selves. With Drew Doughty leading the way, I can’t see them getting knocked off at this point. It’ll be hard fought,
Boris: Chicago in 5 – Chicago is a team of destiny. The first series should have been a sweep and the second series should have been a sweep as well. Not this one, but almost. A repeat of last year as LA just can’t hold off Chicago’s weapons.

The East

NY Rangers VS Montreal

Jackie: Montreal in 6 – Montreal beat a tough Boston team and NYR played an uninspired Pens team. Montreal is in the zone. Shawn: Montreal in 7 – The Canadiens have the two best players in the playoffs so far in Subban and Price. While the goaltending duel will be world class. I think it’ll come down to which stars will step up. All I Have to say is NASH WHO?!?!?!?!

Dave: Montreal in 6
Montreal will make it past the Rangers, they’ve got more offense and will need that to get pucks past King Henrik. It’s a series of goaltending but Price gives his team the best chance to win.
Alex: Montreal in 6 Montreal has PK going at an unreal level right now, while Carey Price is playing lights out. The big guns are awake too, and it’s hard to pick against them. Henrik and the Rangers have been great, but Montreal has something special going.

Boris: New York in 6
All 3 regular season games were 1-0 or 2-0 shutouts. Offense is going to be at a premium in this series and goalies will rule. My money is on King Henrik to win the duel and I haven’t picked the Habs to this point, so why start now?!

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Thanks for following along.

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