Playoff Pick’em Stanley Cup Final


One series left!

The playoffs have been great, the performance of some of our writers has also been great… not so much for others. If you had a Rangers and Kings final picked in the middle of April, you deserve to be called a truly inspired selector!


The standings are now Boris in top spot at 9-5. Alex, Jackie and Shawn are tied at 8-6. Poor Dave is still sucking hind banana while doing his best Barbara-Anne Scott imitation all by his lonesome.

Jackie: 0 – 2 (8 – 6 overall)
The fall has been swift, mighty and hilarious for the early climaxing Jackie Dee! Counting eggs before they hatched me thinks! She failed miserably on both series and should be soundly derided for her lack of ability to hold onto her early momentum. I think it goes with out saying that her playoff pick’em is in near shambles. Notable hits, *crickets*. Embarrassing misses, Montreal in 6.

Shawn: 1 – 1 (8 – 6 overall)
What can one say about Shawn’s picks. He was oh so close… but as many can attest, going home with the hot chick, or dude, is much different then saying you ALMOST did. Tough luck! Notable hits, LA in 7. Embarrassing misses, I may be splitting hairs here but… Montreal in 7.

Dave: 0 – 2 (7 – 7 overall)
Oh Dave. The shame must be unbearable. 0-2 and dipping to .500. At this point one hopes he can summon a celestial power to bless him with the wherewithal to pick the cup winner. Otherwise the shame may be to great. Embarrassing misses, har har har, half his picks to this point.

Alex: 3 – 1 (8 – 6 overall)
Alex has walked lock and step to the beat of mediocrity to this point. He, like Shawn, was oh so close to respectable but has fallen short, once again. Next year he should put more focus on hockey rather than the godless Red Sox. Notable hits LA in 7. Embarrassing misses, Montreal in 6.

Boris: 1 – 1 (9 – 5 overall)
Boris dropped the ball a little in that round but still went 1-1 and grabbed the outright lead. If it were not for one tipped puck in OT, the final may have been a drawn out, mandatory inauguration. SO CLOSE! Steady like the beating heart of an immortal highlander, he hopes to do it one more time and officially finish as the champ even though his mom already thinks he is. Notable hits, NEW YORK IN 6! Embarrassing misses, Chicago in 5.

Stanley Cup Final

New York VS LA

Jackie: LA in 6and I think that’s being generous. The east isn’t as strong as the west and I think LA will make like a steamroller over the Rangers. Lundqvist will be the reason NYR may steal a game or two. Shawn: LA in 7King Henrik has been lights out and the Rangers’ D has been amazing. Quick has been horrible but the Rangers don’t have the offence to keep up. So it’ll be close in a ‘let down of a final played with too much defense’. The Kings depth will prevail but I do think the Rangers will make it a lot closer than most people think.
Dave: New York in 7because I think the Kings will win but I have been pretty bad at picking winners. Lundqvist is having a Conn Smythe type playoffs, Nash is finally going and, well, I just plain don’t like the Kings. Alex: LA in 6I’m a huge Henrik fan and I’m rooting for New York, but LA is the best team left and they are clicking on all cylinders right now. Drew Doughty has been a stud these playoffs, while Carter and Gaborik are on fire. New York will steal two games, but LA is simply too good to come this far and lose to a lesser team
Boris: LA in 5 – My gut is saying New York but my brain is saying LA.F*CK YOU BRAIN… NEW YORK IN 7!!!! LONG LIVE THE KING FROM SWEDEN! And my prediction of a Henrik cameo on HBO’s Girls may still come true. Be still ladies, be still.

NOTE: Boris sees the picks and then posts the post. It may not seem entirely fair that he knows who everyone is picking, but rest assured he is more interested in earning the win than he is in winning off the situation the final presents. Pick safe and he wins.

Pick safe he will not! (Warning: the video is NSFW due to some seriously vulgar language but it really is a must watch)


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Thanks for following along.

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