Chris Bassitt sure as hell bounced back tonight. But to be honest, I’m still not sure I’m right.

See, the day started with the news that Max Scherzer was rejoining the team to rehab in New York instead of Florida, which would by extension allow Scherser to be with the team. Of course, my first thought was: “Great, Scherzer is getting closer!” My second thought was how the rest of the rotation, and most notably and most aggressively Chris Bassitt, saw their ERA’s go up since Scherzer was injured and away from the team. And my third thought was all of the conversations that the Mets’ starting pitchers would have in the dugout after each starter would get pulled from the game. We all focused in on the dugout when they had their conversations and talked about how great it was that all of these pitchers got to learn from Max Scherzer’s knowledge, and then all of a sudden he was gone rehabbing in Florida. We’re supposed to believe that those conversations stopping and the rest of the starting rotation’s ERA going up at the same time was supposed to be a coincidence?

If Bassitt had gone 6 and 2/3’s and given up two runs, I probably would have climbed high upon my blogger horse and said “SEE!???!? MAX SCHERZER IS GIVING HIM THAT SWEET, SWEET ADVICE AND NOT CHRIS BASSITT IS BACK, BABY!!! INTANGIBLES, MOTHER F*CKER!!!!!” But eight shutout innings that seemed like MLB The Show on Superstar level? I mean … that just seems too easy. Eight shutout innings could have been anything. Yes, it could have been Max’s invaluable advice. It also could have been the Mets having some days off (although Bassitt seemed to be on normal rest.) It also could have been the fact that he was facing the Brewers whose third hitter was Rowdy Tellez, and whose fifth hitter was someone I forgot was on the Brewers.

But I’ll push my chips to the middle of the table on Scherzer’s intangibles being a difference for Bassitt. If you don’t believe me, just listen to Max himself:

Bassitt got help. Brandon Nimmo made a sweet diving catch. The middle infield of Francisco Lindor and Luis Guillorme turned a double play that the bees made into honey because it was so sweet. But getting eight bagels from your starter is always incredible in this day and age. To get it from a guy who had been struggling is the kiss of a chef. Was Max Scherzer the difference? I’m going to say yes because that was my theory from the beginning. But you decide for yourselves because when it comes down to it? What the hell do I know? The Mets beat the Brewers 4-0 after a long road trip. The what is more important than the why or the how, no matter what I might try to convince you.

Also, Rowdy Tellez.

Today’s Hate List

1. Miles Mikolas
2. Chase Utley
3. Adam Hamari
4. Tom Hallion
5. Guillermo Mota