LOOK: Cam Newton wears 'Everyone matters' cleats

LOOK: Cam Newton wears 'Everyone matters' cleats


LOOK: Cam Newton wears 'Everyone matters' cleats

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton launched his “Everyone Matters” foundation four years ago, well before Colin Kaepernick tried to make himself relevant by kneeling before games.

Newton, quietly, has done a lot to raise awareness for the cause, without attempting to place himself in the center of controversy, like Kap did.

With the “My Cause, My Cleats” initiative taking place on Sunday, Newton took full advantage of the opportunity to wear a flashy pair of cleats to raise awareness for his charity. Take a look at these flashy kicks, which he wore during Sunday night’s game against the Seahawks. Notice the “Every1 Matters” text etched onto them.

Unfortunately, the cleats didn’t seem to bring Newton and the Panthers good luck in the 40-7 loss.

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