Seahawks showing interest in Davis Webb

Seahawks showing interest in Davis Webb

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Seahawks showing interest in Davis Webb

One wouldn’t expect the Seattle Seahawks to spend any time on the quarterback position ahead of the draft thanks to a guy by the name of Russell Wilson.

Don’t tell that to the Seahawks.

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, the Seahawks are welcoming California quarterback Davis Webb for a visit:

Feel free to call it a stunner. Webb isn’t a first-round quarterback. He doesn’t crack the top four of a somewhat iffy class in large part because he hardly ever threw the ball deep down the field and had a pass-happy system prop him up. This isn’t to say he won’t find success at the NFL level, but his going in the first round after zero hype whatsoever until the past month or so makes the whole thing odd.

Still, it’s hard to just pass this off as a smokescreen. A smokescreen is a leaked report or something of the sort, not a team actually spending the resources to have a prospect visit. Maybe the Seahawks want to grab him in the mid rounds as a backup after Trevone Boykin’s string of arrests. Or maybe they’re going out of their way to scout prospects NFC West rivals like the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers might select.

No matter how one cuts it, the Seahawks just made the draft process quite a bit more interesting.

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