Marcus Peters Needs to Worry About Amari Cooper, Not Marshawn Lynch

Marcus Peters Needs to Worry About Amari Cooper, Not Marshawn Lynch


Marcus Peters Needs to Worry About Amari Cooper, Not Marshawn Lynch

Kansas City Chiefs CB Marcus Peters has made quite a name for himself as an NFL CB. And fellow Oakland native Marshawn Lynch has done the same thing for longer as an NFL RB. The two are longtime friends and according to ESPN, Lynch has mentored him as Peters calls him a cousin.

Also according to ESPN, Peters is happy for Lynch getting to play for the Oakland Raiders before they go to Las Vegas. But the Peters does play for the rival and there will be plenty of competitive fire. As a matter of fact, he decided to let some of it out before the 2017 season kicks off.

He told the San Jose Mercury per ESPN at the Fam 1st Foundation Football Camp in Alameda,  “It’s dope” that Lynch will wear the Silver and Black for the final stretch of his career. “It’s going to be a good feeling, It’s going to be a good feeling for Oakland. But when we come here, we’re going to beat the dog [expletive] out of him.”

Peters is a Pro Bowl selection each of his first two NFL seasons on the strength of that competitive fire. But Lynch is the least of his worries when they play as Amari Cooper will be lined up over him. The numbers may not say so but he has yet to show that he can cover Cooper since their rookie year.

The only reason why Cooper hasn’t had a 200 yard game on him is because QB Derek Carr. As great of a young QB Carr is, he’s always had his picture on the back of a milk carton against the Chiefs. If Carr can ever get himself together against the Chiefs, Cooper is going to absolutely light him up.

He doesn’t have the speed to run with Cooper and he has blown by him like it’s nothing. Then Peters gives him a cushion and Cooper takes advantage and gives him a big cushion while his strength is bump and run. Cooper doesn’t give anything away when he runs his routes so Peters is hopeless there.

He was open for big gains Cooper quite a bit against Peters but Carr either threw elsewhere or miss him. I’m sure Carr has seen what I’ve seen a million times over and will look to attack Peters this year. He’s susceptible to the deep ball as it is while Cooper is one of the best in the NFL at going deep.

So Peters needs to pay more attention to Cooper and less to Lynch when the Chiefs and Raiders play.

If you don’t believe me, watch that down below!

Just win baby!

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