Donald Penn doesn't have the leverage you think he has

Donald Penn doesn't have the leverage you think he has


Donald Penn doesn't have the leverage you think he has

While the Oakland Raiders have a chance to go to the Super Bowl, left tackle Donald Penn is holding out. Penn’s side wants to at least double the $5.8 million he’s due to make for the 2017 season. And he feels ready to get even better after reportedly working with Hall of Fame OTs like Jackie Slater.

But GM Reggie McKenzie isn’t the kind to negotiate contracts if the player isn’t in camp while under contract. He wants Penn to honor the two-year, $9 million contract contract he signed just last year. And in the process of honoring that contract, he told the media he’s confident something can get done.

From most of what I hear, Raider Nation believes it is simple and the Raiders should pay him. They believe he has all the leverage as the Raiders can’t afford to have franchise QB Derek Carr injured. But is really isn’t that simple as it was Penn’s man that injured Carr in Week 16 last year.

And Penn didn’t finish the season last year, which is a concern for teams when an OT is 34. Plus we have to go back to the 2016 offseason, when they signed left OG Kelechi Osemele. They gave Osemele top left OT money because he’s so dominant at OG and can play left OT at a high level.

As a matter of fact, I thought McKenzie signed Osemele to replace Penn before he re-signed Penn. Remember, McKenzie allowed Penn hit the market before signing Osemele to his massive deal. If Penn could have gotten more, he would have, but now, he’s trying to turn a career year into a new contract.

He’s been a solid left OT throughout his career and this is just one dominant year he’s coming off of. One outstanding season isn’t going get you that top-10 left OT money at 34 very often. He obviously saw what Andrew Whitworth just signed for at 35 but he’s been great for his whole career.

When you have one big season at 24, you’re going to get the big money left OTs get. Plus the Los Angeles Rams are desperate to protect young QB Jared Goff and don’t have Osemele on their team. However, the Raiders could take care of him for his season and add $5-6 million to his 2017 salary.

And after that, both sides can re-evaluate everything and go from there for the 2016 season. But meanwhile, Penn needs to get back to camp while the Raiders have Marshall Newhouse is at left OT. If he doesn’t work out there, the Raiders are sure to give Osemele left OT duties, he’s getting paid like one.

Meanwhile Penn is still under contract, getting fined $40 thousand each day he’s not at camp.

That’s not cute!

Penn doesn’t have the leverage you think he has.

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