Tom Brady supports Malcolm Butler in Instagram post

Tom Brady supports Malcolm Butler in Instagram post

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Tom Brady supports Malcolm Butler in Instagram post

The Patriots players have made it clear that they’re standing behind Malcolm Butler, which has presented an interesting situation for the coaching staff, and resulted in rumors about a possible rift in the locker room.

It’s still currently unclear exactly what Butler did to get benched on defense in Super Bowl LII, as the star cornerback played only one snap — on special teams.

A number of Patriots players — past and present — have taken to social media to show their support for Butler, and now the team’s unquestioned leader has as well. Quarterback Tom Brady “liked” a recent Instagram post from Butler, which served as his unofficial statement regarding the benching. Brady also had this to say as a comment:

“Love you, Malcolm. You are always an incredible player and teammate and friend. Always!!!!!!” Brady wrote.

Given his close relationship with Bill Belichick, Brady would normally just take the high road here, so it’s interesting that he felt compelled to weigh in and show his support for Butler. It’s going to be a long offseason for the Patriots, that’s for sure. Change is coming.

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