4 Features of heavy duty earbuds

4 Features of heavy duty earbuds


4 Features of heavy duty earbuds


You must be familiar with the problems broken earbuds can bring about to your enjoyment of music. There is nothing as frustrating as earbuds that last a short amount of time. However, the quality of the modern day earbuds has been on the rise. There are many types of high-quality earbuds that you can now buy and enjoy your music for as long as you want; wherever you are and at any time you want. One of the best ways to know more about heavy duty earbuds is by reading reviews published by Ironhorsetrading website.

For you to enjoy the advantages that come with heavy-duty earbuds, you have to consider the physical features. In this article, we shall consider some of the features. Here are 4 features of heavy duty earbuds that one should be on the lookout for:

  1. The  earpiece

The earpiece of your durable earbuds should be made of metal so that they can withstand any forces from outside. If they are made of titanium or aluminum, then you can be sure that they will be hardly enough. As such, even if you were to accidentally sit on them, they would withstand the force and still give you the kind of music quality that they are made to give. The fact that metal earbuds are less likely to split into two when under force means that the heavy duty earbuds are those that are made of this material.

  1. The cables

The cables are another factor that one needs to consider when they are buying durable earbuds. Short cables are not suitable. The reinforcement used to make the cables last longer should be considered. The wiring inside the cables could be damaged if the cables were short and your phone dangled off them. You should buy the earbuds that have Kevlar reinforcement. Kevlar, as we know is a string reinforcement that is used in the modern devices for its strength. You should also consider the earbuds that come with braided cables as this helps relieve the tension brought about by yanking.

  1. The plug

Earbuds will come with a connector plug that is straight or one that is L-shaped. The L-shaped plugs are suitable for the playback device that has 3.55mm port. This makes them under less pressure caused by your movements. The straight plugs will be better for the case where the port is at the bottom or on top of the device. Generally speaking, the L-shaped plugs should be better as they would generally require pressure more to be plugged off.

  1. Moisture resistance and good warranty

Heavy duty earbuds should be moisture resistant. You see, you will come across moisture in all its form on your daily activities. You do not want earbuds that easily get damaged by moisture and even water. Earbuds that are resistant to moisture are suitable for athletes and people who are enthusiasts in workouts and exercises. The earbuds will resist sweat and some light rain.

Finally, you should also consider the warranty that comes with the earbuds. Good warranty and customer support will come in handy in making you decide the kind of earbuds to buy. If the broken earbuds can easily and quickly be replaced through warranty, this should help you make a decision quickly.

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