5 Reasons We All Love Basketball

5 Reasons We All Love Basketball


5 Reasons We All Love Basketball


Basketball is one of the most loved sports, not only in America, but all over the world. The reason for this is because it’s one of the most engaging and captivating sports around. The sport is watched by millions of people and attended by thousands more. There are many reasons as to why we all love basket but here are the top 5 reason why we can’t get enough of this sport.

  1.    Highly competitive

We all love competition and basketball usually gives us a chance to compete. This is the very nature for the sport. The fulfillment of playing basketball is the fact to enjoy it you have to compete with an opponent. This is no solo game as you have to challenge either one or multiple opponents. There is no greater joy than that of competing, losing and winning. The competition starts at the low level all the way to the professional NBA league where the big boys compete.

  1.    It’s accessible

The other reason as to why we love basketball is because we can play it literary anywhere. You can find people playing on the street, on the road without having a formal setup. This is because all that one need is a hoop and the basketball. There are no special field requirements if it’s not professional because as long as there are two people, a basketball, and a hoop then its game on.

  1.    Basketball is fun

The other reason as to why many people love the sport is because it’s fun and enjoyable. There are many basketball puns and jokes. Looking at the basketball court it’s clear to see the people who are playing the game and also those who are watching are clearly having fun. This means that the game is not only fun to play but also to watch.  The other reason that basketball is fun to watch is that it brings out the best in the players. This is where they give their all in the sport.

  1. Its high paced

The other reason as to why we love basketball is because its high paced. There is no dull moment in the duration that the game is played. The typical game has four quarters and in each of the quarter there breaks. However, the game is filled with adrenaline as the sketching of the shoes on the basketball court and the sweat of the players is all exhilarating. The crown is always fired up through the entire gaming session. The high pace of the game is not only on the professional level but even on the street.

  1. It’s a sport of  teamwork

The other reason most people have fallen in love with basketball is that it’s a sport of teamwork. This is because the success of the team depends on the effort of each and every member. In other terms is that the team must rely on each other to be able to succeed. The teamwork ensures that the best team wins.


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