Pink Macaroons And A Million Balloons

Pink Macaroons And A Million Balloons


Pink Macaroons And A Million Balloons


Imagine Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory if Veruca Salt had won the factory. That’s how Jason Vargas getting 21 runs of support in his last three outings feels to me. Yes, Vargas now has four straight starts where he didn’t set the sport back 20 years, which has apparently convinced everybody that his roster spot which not only features a negative WAR but makes Mets fans want to start a war doesn’t need to be upgraded.

And yes, I understand that Jacob deGrom has faced Luis Severino, Jake Arrieta, Madison Bumgarner, and Cole Hamels while Jason Vargas faced the cast of Glee. But it’s just another reason of why life isn’t fair for deGrom. (Editor’s Note: Jacob deGrom goes on Monday and the Dodgers’ pitcher is TBD. I’m sure they’ll be calling up Sandy Koufax because deGrom hasn’t been challenged enough.) The chatter on the television today was about deGrom showing a little more frustration lately, and how it could be related to his pursuit of the Cy Young award. I don’t think it’s that. I think it’s just the wear and tear of a long season where every pitch means something because of this stupid offense giving Christmas gifts to the children that were earmarked for coal.

But it’s so frustrating for fans, probably more for them than for Jacob, to see this keep happening to him. Somewhere amongst the frustration is a theraputic laugh waiting to come out. But take heart in the fact that the game against the Cubs, though it ended up being a loss, might wind up being that signature game that I feared deGrom wouldn’t get to have this season, and maybe it was that 100 mph pitch that did it.

It’s almost as if deGrom not getting run support helps his Q rating at this point. He’s getting pity support, plus the support from the people that want to see a little anarchy thrown into the system.

But yeah, let’s score for Jason Vargas. Life is fair. Just give Veruca Salt the factory.

Today’s Hate List

I just realized that I was supposed to be talking about the Mets’ 10-3 win and all I did was talk about how deGrom should win the Cy Young award. Sorry. I think Todd Frazier had a grand slam. Amed Rosario did something too. Paul Sewald didn’t walk anybody but, umm … that’s because he wasn’t in the game. After the game, nobody’s agent complained about anything. Not even Scott Boras. It was a fine Wednesday in Chicago. I can’t even hate anything today.

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