Namaste, You Mongrels!

Namaste, You Mongrels!


Namaste, You Mongrels!


So you can probably go back to what I said about Noah Syndergaard the other day and just cut and paste it for Zack Wheeler’s performance today. In fact, I will! (It inflates my word count.)

It’s not as romantic to say that Noah Syndergaard Zack Wheeler caught the White Sox at a bad time, or that he just had his great stuff tonight today in going seven and a third while striking out 11 seven White Sox. But for him to do it with the trade rumors swirling around him like a nor’easter after the trade rumors left town for good certainly makes for a romantic story, one that I’m sure everyone will run with. If Noah Zack told me that he took the mound with a purpose because of all the rumors and it helped him to that performance, I’d believe him. I’d believe him because why would he lie? (And I’d believe him because he’s bigger than me no wait, he’s still bigger than me.)

Wheeler sure as hell seemed like nothing was bothering him. His stuff was outstanding, his location impeccable, and he was helped defensively by Jeff McNeil crashing into the net for a foul pop and Amed Rosario diving all over the field. In the physical form, Wheeler had a great game because he had a great game. But did he get a little extra help in knowing that he doesn’t have to go home and pack? I’m sure that helped. It sure as hell seemed like an easy, breezy 88 pitches he threw. Namaste.

Aug 1, 2019; Chicago, IL, USA; New York Mets second baseman Robinson Cano (24) hits a solo home run in the second inning against the Chicago White Sox at Guaranteed Rate Field. Mandatory Credit: Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

Robinson Cano hit a home run in the second inning and drove in another run in the sixth with a double after tallying two hits in his previous seven games. (Now as you know from legend, when Cano pokes out his head and drives in a run the Mets get six more weeks of meaningful baseball.) Cano then would come around to score on a two run single by Wilson Ramos. Cano was out by five feet but thankfully Wellington Castillo dropped the throw home so maybe that rabbit’s foot is still in Justin Wilson’s pocket somewhere.

Luis Avilan and Jeurys Familia (yes, Jeurys Familia) came in and finished the game without incident as the Mets won their seventh straight game by a score of 4-0. They’re now 53-55 with the deader than dead Pittsburgh Pirates up next for three games. 31-23 the rest of the way gets them to 84 wins, 34-20 gets them to the highest end of realistic at 87-75, which is probably the magic number to get them a road game in the playoffs. My guess is that 6-1 in the next seven games against Pittsburgh and Miami will get us a visit from the Playoff Invoice Fairy.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Doug Drabek
  2. Felix Fermin
  3. John Smiley
  4. Sidney Crosby
  5. Jeff Reed

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