Life Lesson You Learn When Playing Sports

Life Lesson You Learn When Playing Sports


Life Lesson You Learn When Playing Sports


Practicing a sport is considered to be fun and healthy, but the practice will teach you much more than athletic skills. Learning how to play any sport will teach you invaluable life lessons that apply with anything you decide to pursue in your life. Research done by the BUCS states that those who participate in a sport are in a tendency to succeed and earn more in life than those who are non-sporty. The following skills will enhance your CV and make you shine among the rest.

  • Teamwork

FALMOUTH 05/12/21 Gibson Guimond (22) celebrates with his Barnstable teammates after scoring in the fourth inning against Falmouth.
Falmouth Barnstable Baseball

As the saying says, there is no I in team, meaning that it is essential for the team to work together to succeed together. It is important to learn to be a team player and appreciate that everyone has a talent and skill that will contribute to the overall goal. This is not only applicable when playing a team sport, but also within the workplace.

  • Leadership

For future employment it is very important to develop some leadership skills whether you are the captain of the team or in charge at your workplace, or not. By doing so, you will be capable of making tough decisions that can make a difference, inspire the ones around you, motivate them, as well as lead them to success, which is something Celtics players need during this season.

  • Time Management

Anyone who practices a sport has to have good time management to be able to handle training, working and socializing all at the same time. This is an essential practice that will help you live healthily by having a work-life balance. It is also very important to find some time for yourself and make the most out of your days.

  • Money Management

If you’re making money out of your sport, it is important to be cautious and take control of your spending. You can do so by writing down all the expenses and calculating how much money you have left to spend and most importantly, to save. If you have some hobbies that affect your finances, such as gambling, there are sites that will allow you to experience the fun of casino for only $5.

  • Sportsmanship

Christina Salinas (10) crosses home plate and sparks a celebration from her teammates.
Dsc 3286

Everyone wants to win, but you must always be willing to also accept defeat. It is very important to have a drive for success whether being within a sports team or at work, however, it is also very important to accept losing. This is considered as a valuable life lesson that will help you face anything that comes your way. This life lesson will also help you to learn from your mistakes.

  • Handling Pressure

Coping with situations that involve high-pressure is a must when playing a sport. Although not all workplaces are stressful, it is an important value to be able to cope during a tough time, whether keeping calm in a situation or coming up with the right solutions.

  • Commitment

When practicing a sport, commitment and dedication are necessary. Players will face having to attend training regularly and therefore, having to sacrifice other activities and events. Being dedicated is highly valued by all employers.

As listed above, important life skills come out of playing a sport. Such benefits do not only affect the way you will play your sport but also the skills developed through your everyday life, whether being with your friends and family, or at the workplace.

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