Ep. 2 of The Common Sens Podcast ft. @cyleeder

Ep. 2 of The Common Sens Podcast ft. @cyleeder


Ep. 2 of The Common Sens Podcast ft. @cyleeder


Another week and another episode of The Common Sens Podcast is available for your listening pleasure.

After spending the inaugural episode discussing the ramifications of the NHL’s Draft Lottery, we simply wanted to dedicate a full episode to discussing the Hockey Hall of Fame and the omission of Daniel Alfredsson for a fourth consecutive year.

One of the Ottawa Senators’ founders has been pretty vocal with his support for Alfredsson’s candidacy and his belief that this community can do more to champion his career, so joining Hailey Salvian and me on this week’s episode is none other than former team president and alt governor Cyril Leeder!

To listen to the podcast, it can be streamed on many of the major podcasting platforms (SoundCloud, Google, Apple, Spotify, TuneIn). If you would like us to get our podcast on another service, please reach out to us on social media.

Similarly, if there are any subjects or guests that you would like to hear on a future episode, tag us (@Hailey_Salvian and @6thsens) a tweet.

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