WATCH: Anaheim Ducks Introduce 2nd Overall Pick Leo Carlsson & 30th Anniversary Jersey as a Hologram to Fans at NHL Draft Watch Party

leo carlsson hologram

With an exciting blend of tradition and innovation, the Anaheim Ducks stunned fans with a holographic debut of their 2nd overall draft pick, Leo Carlsson, during their NHL draft watch party. But the Swedish star wasn’t the only showstopper – Carlsson also revealed the Ducks’ nostalgic 30th-anniversary jersey, causing a frenzy among fans and setting a futuristic tone for the event.

Hologram Carlsson Unveils 30th Anniversary Mighty Ducks Jersey

Sporting a blend of history and style, the new 30th-anniversary jersey evokes fond memories. Its design mirrors the team’s original road sweater, featuring a plum palette laced with jade, silver, and white stripes at the elbow. The centerpiece is a throwback to Wild Wing, the team’s famed mascot, rendered in a slightly more menacing style.

Carlsson’s holographic reveal of this unique jersey came as a pleasant surprise for fans who had gathered at the Honda Center in Anaheim for the watch party. Ensuring the jersey unveiling was an affair to remember, the Ducks leveraged Proto Hologram technology to introduce Carlsson and the new attire from a distance of 2,000 miles.

In a conversation with ESPN, Ducks’ Vice President of Marketing, Merit Tully, highlighted the importance of the team’s history and how the jersey brings the past into the present. He described the 30th-anniversary jersey as a “unique way to incorporate what has been a popular mark over time,” marrying nostalgia with innovation.

Holographic Carlsson Introduced to NHL Draft Watch Party

But let’s not forget the star of the night, Leo Carlsson. His holographic presence was a game-changer, raising the bar for draft introductions. He joked around with fans, promising that he was “a funny guy,” before revealing the jersey and twirling around to give fans a complete look at the new design. Later, he expressed his excitement, stating the jersey reveal was “amazing.”

This innovative blend of history, sportsmanship, and cutting-edge technology has set a new standard in the sports world. Tully hopes that Ducks fans, and hockey enthusiasts in general, will appreciate the thought that went into this unique presentation, and join them in their celebration of this anniversary season.

The Anaheim Ducks have turned a corner, revisiting their roots while embracing the future. With Carlsson leading the way, they’re set to take flight into an exciting new era, jerseys ablaze in plum and jade. Be ready to watch them soar.

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