Meet Me In The Land Of Hope And Dreams

Meet Me In The Land Of Hope And Dreams

Justice is Coming

Meet Me In The Land Of Hope And Dreams


Jerry Garcia - The Grateful Dead – Egypt 1978

You’ll need a good companion now
For this part of the ride
Leave behind your sorrows
Let this day be the last
Tomorrow there’ll be sunshine
And all this darkness past

Big wheels roll through fields
Where sunlight streams
Oh meet me in a land of hope and dreams

I’ll keep this post especially brief.  So much has gone on this week with the election (and the stadium election) and I know you don’t care to hear my political beliefs.  Even as a holder of a Master’s Degree in History, I am not all that politically active and am going to try to stay more informed in the future.  Sadly, I spend so much time still following this fucking football team.  Sunday’s game followed the same script it has all year.  This team has talent and I would argue that some of the injuries might have even allowed other parts of the team to gell.  In fact, some of these guys might not have gotten to play if not for some of the guys hurt.  However, McCoy continues to do exactly what he’s always done and it holds them back.  It’s even more embarrassing to have Rivers try to draw people offsides on 4th down.  Everyone knows what’s coming and as someone pointed out on Twitter, Rivers bends so low to the ground it’s clear that he’s not snapping the ball.

If not for the two turnovers turned touchdowns, those 4 points could have been the difference.  Even though Murray looked to be short on 4th and the refs not having a good view of the measurement isn’t sufficient reason to fuck the call up, the fact remains that the other team tried to win when McCoy played not to lose.  I actually was OK with him not going at the end of the game since an 8-point lead SHOULD be one you can protect.

As for the 3rd and 7 that Gordon broke to ice the game, it sure looked like they were playing to punt.  He just willed his way to a win.  I give him a lot of credit since he got knocked out on the play before.

They won and have Miami on Sunday.  Clearly they cant lose more than two the rest of the way and that probably won’t be enough.  I won’t speculate as to where the other teams (God forbid, the Raiders) will be by season’s end.  However, we won’t know much more about this team even if they beat Miami.  We’ll get into that more during the bye.

As for the stadium vote, someone will have to explain to me why Prop C was so reviled.  I agree with Marty Caswell that fans can’t be kept in limbo for yet another year.  Then again, is it limbo or we just stuck hoping for an outcome that won’t ever arrive with the Spanoses?  Kinda goes against the idea of justice ever coming.

Until next time, FAITHFUL READER.


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