Sights and sounds of the Cavaliers' visit to the White House

Sights and sounds of the Cavaliers' visit to the White House


Sights and sounds of the Cavaliers' visit to the White House


A lot of important people were at the White House this morning. First, President-elect Donald Trump met with current President Barack Obama during the transition period between presidents. Next, however, it was the Cavaliers’ turn to have their White House fun. Here are the sights and sounds from the Cavaliers’ trip to the White House.

The White House represents Democracy, but President Obama welcomed a King on Thursday:

Many were wondering whether JR Smith was planning on wearing a shirt. Much to the delight of President Obama, Smith’s shirt was on. Smith, perhaps taking a subtle jab at President-elect Trump, expressed excitement that the Cavaliers had the opportunity to meet President Obama before his term officially ends in January:

It was a family affair at the White House. Tristan Thompson even brought his mother with him. To our knowledge, Khloe Kardashian was not present:

Finally, it was time for the Cavaliers to meet President Obama:

Particularly interesting for the Cavaliers was that Dahntay Jones was brought on the trip. Jones (seen in the picture below) was cut from the Cavs’ roster before training camp, but could be added once again when the Cavaliers officially sever ties with Mo Williams.

Obama has always had the tendency to be quite the jokester when teams visit him in the White House. That was no different Thursday. On the topic of JR Smith’s shirt, Obama said, “We weren’t sure it was going to show up”:

The Cavaliers gave Obama his own Cavalier black jersey, which was presented by Kevin Love:

An interesting dynamic played out with the Cavaliers and their trip to Washington D.C. on Thursday. In his video for Uninterrupted (above), JR Smith places emphasis on the word “our” when calling Barack Obama “our president.” In case you missed it, Smith and LeBron James appeared at a Hillary Clinton rally in Northeast Ohio just days before the election. Smith is clearly displeased by America’s decision. As if that wasn’t enough, there is this tweet from Sports Illustrated’s Lee Jenkins:

No champions were ever crowned in November, but if the Cavaliers are fortunate enough to repeat as NBA Champions, it will be interesting to see what happens next year at this time.

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