Hello Underdogs---and Timberwolves Fans

Hello Underdogs---and Timberwolves Fans


Hello Underdogs---and Timberwolves Fans


Hello Underdogs

My name is Talal Abdullah and I’m the Founder of my own sports talk website called The Underdog’s World. I’m an up and coming sports writer who resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

I started watching basketball at a young age and being the youngest boy out of six children I had to pick a team to root for…but everyone had to dibs on all the “greats”.

The team I chose was the Minnesota Timberwolves!

Their drive to make the best out of not always ideal situations was inspiring and I quickly learned that heart will always win over W’s in my book!

I love Kevin Garnett he will always and forever be my favorite basketball player.

His intensity on the court and love for the game of basketball dropped my jaw to the floor and kept my eyes glued to the TV every game he played.

I have both played and coached basketball so why not write about it? I began writing about basketball on my own small blog, later creating a full blown website, complete with a reader comments section.

After a few posts, I received an offer to be a contributing writer for a Minnesota Timberwolves blog site, Dunking With Wolves. This opportunity allowed me to learn more about the skill of sports writing and helped grow my name in the basketball blogging community.

I’m beyond excited for the opportunity to write with Howlin T-Wolf! I hope to bring a fresh perspective, an open mindset and many intense debates surrounding what is going on in basketball right now and in the future.

I decided to join Howlin T-Wolf because it aligns with my vision. The Underdog’s World isn’t your normal sports website…I’m writing about what the fans want to hear about, not just what the biggest headline is.

The Underdog’s World is a place where sports fans can come and interact with other readers. It’s a place where you being a fan pays off.

Ever commented your opinion on an article? Now ask yourself, have you ever received a response from the person who wrote that article. How about a chance to win basketball tickets?

The Underdog’s World runs off of your support and grows with its fans. With giveaways and prizes throughout the publication, fans always have a piece of the action.

Howlin T-Wolf is also a website focused on fan coverage, always bringing you articles with more than just stats, but also giving you food for thought. I can’t wait to be a contributor to that kind of culture!

When reading an article you feel like you are involved in a conversation between you and the writer. Howlin T-Wolf gives you a voice while reading the article, an aspect I truly hope to model after.

This is a perfect opportunity for both websites to grow and bring both Timberwolves and other NBA team fans the news you need in the unique way you love.

I’m excited to interact with all my old and new basketball fans!

Please feel free to follow me @UnderdogsSports on Twitter and check out my website theunderdogsworldhoops.com

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