Kevin Love angry after jersey rips during game (VIDEO)

Kevin Love angry after jersey rips during game (VIDEO)


Kevin Love angry after jersey rips during game (VIDEO)


The NBA needs to do something about its jersey problem, and soon.

Players appeared to be excited when the league announced a new global apparel partnership between the NBA and Nike, which resulted in new jerseys being produced for the 2017 season. But those new jerseys have created nothing but problems, as multiple players have seen their new unis ripped during games.

Kevin Love was the most recent player to have that happen, and he was not happy about it. Check out his reaction after he was forced to leave Sunday’s game against the Hawks when his jersey ripped.

The NBA needs to draw a line somewhere. Players having to come off the court for uniform adjustments is not something that should be happening. Some of these games are decided by only a few points, and a team being forced to sub out one of their best players for a spell could be the difference in those close decisions.

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