Russell Westbrook takes a shot at Kevin Durant

Russell Westbrook takes a shot at Kevin Durant


Russell Westbrook takes a shot at Kevin Durant


Thunder star Russell Westbrook was not happy that teammate Paul George did not receive an All-Star nod on Tuesday, and he made sure to let the world know about it. Not only that, he appeared to sneak in a shot at Kevin Durant in doing so.

Westbrook — who hit the game-winning shot to lift his team to a 109-108 victory on Tuesday night — told reporters exactly how he felt about George being left off the All-Star team during a postgame media session.

“It’s outrageous in my opinion,” Westbrook said. “…It doesn’t make any sense. A guy who leads the league in steals, competes every night, top two at his position. It don’t make any sense.”

Notice the part Westbrook included about PG13 being in the “top two at his position.” It’s unlikely that Westbrook was snubbing LeBron James, who many believe to be the best player in the league right now. If George is indeed in that “top two” in Westbrook’s eyes, then he’s clearly leaving Kevin Durant out of the discussion.

Westbrook is clearly alone in feeling that way, though. The majority of analysts believe that Durant is a better player than George on both ends of the floor. His statistics and the way he elevates the play of his teammates show that.

The beef between Westbrook and his former teammate appears to have simmered down, but the Thunder star apparently will still sneak in a pot shot or two at Durant when he can, if the situation calls for it.

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