Upcoming sporting events for your diary

Upcoming sporting events for your diary


Upcoming sporting events for your diary


The sporting landscape is getting wider and deeper every week thanks to television coverage. Not that long ago, sporting choice was pretty shallow, there were only a few sports that were on television and that meant that it was hard to expand your pool of sporting knowledge. It was easy to find NFL, MLB, NBA and the NHL but if you wanted to watch soccer, or tennis or even more niche sports, like winter sports and horse racing, it was hard to find channels showing those sports.

That though has changed, you can basically watch any sport you like now on television and if a cable provider doesn’t have it, well then you can switch over to the internet and you will be sure to find a stream or at the very least a live text of any event in the world. People are finding new sports to love, new heroes to admire and new ways to enjoy their favourite sports. You can interact more than ever, you can watch more than ever and you can enjoy more than ever. It is a great time to be a sports fan.

The only issue though, is the fact that, with so much sport, you can miss an event so easily. You can be watching a tennis match and realise you’ve missed a great ball game you were looking forward to, you can watch a boxing bout and then realise that you have ignored that soccer game you wanted to watch.

In order to help you out, we thought it would be good to take a look at some of the most exciting and interesting upcoming sporting events. Events which are fun, events which will be memorable and events you have to make sure to watch. So grab your calendars and put these amazing events in them.

The start of the MLS season (3rd March)

MLS gets more and more exciting every year with better teams, better players and a higher standard of soccer, last season was the best yet as well. This year should be better than ever and if you have even a passing interest in soccer it is worth checking out. If only to see how LAFC get on in their first derby with the Galaxy. New coaches have also come to league so new styles and ideas should abound.

The Cheltenham Festival (13th-16th March)

One of the most famous horse racing festivals in the world, The Cheltenham festival is beloved across the globe for a number of reasons. One is for the glamour, another is because of its amazing history and another is because it is an amazing event for bookmakers and betters. Literally hundreds of millions is spent on the festival each year, they constantly update the latest Cheltenham betting odds as so many people see it as a great chance to make some money. It is everything a horse racing festival should be and it really gets people excited about racing in a  way that few other events do.

The start of the MLB season (March 29th)

America’s national pastime is back and no-one can wait, it is going to be great to see so many top quality teams this year and there is particular interest in the Angels and their Japanese superstar Shohei Ohtani. He looks very special.

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