Debunking the Foles over Wentz madness...

Debunking the Foles over Wentz madness...


Debunking the Foles over Wentz madness...


One of the dumbest conversations swirling around the media right now is “do the Eagles really need Carson Wentz?”… I mean, I would be embarrassed to put that kind of tripe out here, yet guys who get paid to write about the NFL somehow think this is a great story idea.

“Keep Nick Foles, trade Carson Wentz!” shout the imbeciles and click-bait mongrels in the media.

Mike Sielski of The Inquirer is the latest professional writer to engage in this fruitless speculation. He even puts some imaginary thoughts into Carson Wentz’ mind, to wit:

“You might wonder whether I worry about my future with the Eagles, about the possibility that they’d keep Nick over me. I don’t worry about that, not really, not yet. (Ask me again if we beat the Saints.) I mean, he’s scheduled to make $20 million next season. (Yes, I know how much he’s making next season. If there’s one thing pro athletes keep track of, it’s the pecking order of who’s getting paid.) It will be tough, even for Howie, to find a way to bring Nick back, and, as I said, he wants to be a starter. He deserves to be. And I’d be happy for him. Heck, I’m happy for him now, even as I stay in my corner after every practice and every game. I’m happy for us. I’m just joyless for me.”

Sheesh! Even though Sielski is “imagining” what Wentz is really thinking, it’s insulting to our intelligence and to Wentz on a lot of levels.

First of all, you CAN bring Nick Foles back in 2019 AND STILL HAVE Carson Wentz as your starting QB. That’s because Wentz is still on a cheap rookie deal. Certainly Foles would be an expensive luxury to keep as a backup QB, but it would be possible by moving some cap money around as usual.

Secondly, when healthy, Wentz is your QB#1 and the face of the franchise. If Foles is dead set on starting 16 games for somebody, it won’t happen in Philly.

Doug Pederson has already said on the record that Wentz will be the starting QB when he is completely healthy again. That “complete” bill of health will probably not be issued until the Spring, long after the Eagles have finished whatever they are trying to accomplish in the current playoffs.

Wentz has still not been relegated to the inactive injured list. That fact has fueled speculation that Wentz could be cleared to take over for Foles if the Birds get to the next level of the playoffs. That would only happen, in my opinion, if Foles got so banged up he couldn’t play at all.

For now, I just don’t worry about anything except the upcoming match in New Orleans. Enjoy the competence and confidence shown by Nick Foles in pressure situations, and appreciate that an even better all-around quarterback will be your starter next September. Carson Wentz isn’t going anywhere else.

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