Mack Prioleau - Can Spurs Be Considered Title Contenders?

Mack Prioleau - Can Spurs Be Considered Title Contenders?


Mack Prioleau - Can Spurs Be Considered Title Contenders?


Mack Prioleau and myself have been fans of Tottenham Hotspur for many years and together we have gone through the highs and the number lows which the team has put us through. Both Mack Prioleau and myself were concerned at the beginning of the season after a summer in which Spurs didn’t buy or sell anyone, but it seems that we needn’t have been. All of the talk ahead of the new season was about Liverpool and Manchester City but at the half-way point we have already learned that City at least are fallible, having lost 3 of their last 4 games. The big question then, as Spurs slide into second position, is whether or not they can be considered as title contenders.

Why They Should

I’ll be honest my view is that we are not contenders but Mack Prioleau believes that we certainly should be, and here is why.

Squad Depth – Everyone in the media seems to stress about Spurs not having a strong enough squad to challenge but we have already seen the side manage injury problems very well. From the inclusion of people like Walker-Peters, Juan Foyth and Oliver Skipp, Spurs are proving that there is some depth here which give Pochettino the confidence to rest others.

Experience – This isn’t Spur’s first rodeo and that means that they have tasted the disappointment of not winning the title before. That experience will have proved crucial for the players, something which they may take into the latter stages of the season.

No Pressure – Liverpool are 6 points clear which means that the pressure is on them to lose the title, Manchester City have spent wildly, are the current champions and have the world’s greatest coach at the helm, meaning that all of the pressure is on the shoulders of these two teams. As far as Spurs go, nobody is really considering us which is why we can quietly go about our business.

Why They Shouldn’t

In my view Spurs can’t be considered title contenders because we are already playing better than we should with the team that we have, and that surely cannot continue. Furthermore this is a team which is playing in 4 competitions and that means too many games to push for a decent run in the Premier League. Finally Spurs have failure in our DNA, it is something which us fans are accustomed to and it is something which may never change.

Perhaps if Spurs were playing in their home stadium it may give them a chance but given the fact that they are still playing games at Wembley, means that right now they cannot be considered contenders. Let’s be realistic here, Spurs could easily lose at home to Liverpool and away to City and they will be way off the pace. Top 4 looks nailed on at this stage of the season but to win the title will be a bridge too far for Pochettino and his team.

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