Best CBD For NBA Players

Best CBD For NBA Players


Best CBD For NBA Players


The National Basketball Association (NBA) season starts in October and runs to April. Playoffs take place and end with the NBA Finals in June. There are a total of 30 teams and each plays a total of 82 regular season games. With such a tight schedule and physical demands placed on the body racing up and down the court and in game play around the net, there are going to be some collisions. When you consider the speeds in which players travel there is no wonder that there are not more serious injuries experienced by these professionals.

It should be no surprise that many NBA players have adopted CBD as part of their fitness regimen. They know that it will help them to recover quicker from the aches, pains, bruises, strains and sprains that can result from a typical basketball game. You could say that CBD has extended the careers of some of the best NBA stars by assisting them to return to top athletic shape faster than traditional methods.

The Many Benefits of CBD For Basketball Players

If you have been considering CBD edibles or CBD tinctures to treat some of your health issues, you won’t believe the many benefits that NBA players have discovered by using these cannabis products. The best thing is that you don’t have to be training for the NBA Finals to receive these benefits. It works on all players from professionals right on down to those who casually shoot hoops in a playground to stay fit. Here are some of those benefits:

  • CBD reduces swelling and inflammation during training
  • CBD drops cortisol (an anti-catabolic stress hormone) levels in your body
  • CBD relaxes your body which promotes recovery during sleep
  • CBD assists with weight management by curbing your appetite
  • CBD helps you to focus by clearing your mind

How CBD Reduces Inflammation

Each of us has an endocannabinoid system and that system regulates all bodily functions. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system by binding to the CB2 receptors which will reduce inflammation.

How CBD Reduces Cortisol

Cortisol levels in the bloodstream can be positively impacted by CBD and research backs this up. THC, which is another cannabinoid from cannabis will induce anxiety and this activates the adrenal system. When this happens, cortisol is released. CBD acts as a blocker by interfering with the cortisol release.

How CBD Promotes Rest

CBD will actually activate the same adenosine receptors as caffeine will when used in low doses. However, when CBD is administered in moderate to high doses it doesn’t interact with those receptors which results in a calming effect that permits the body to relax. When you are able to relax it assists you in being able to rest, sleep and take it easy as your body works to repair itself in the recovery phase. Without the ability to relax, healing takes longer.

How CBD Reduces Your Appetite

THC happens to be a stimulant where CBD does the opposite. It will suppress your appetite which means CBD can become an anti-obesity agent. For those who over eat and have trouble controlling their eating habits, CBD can potentially help with weight management. It is being used by professional basketball players so that they can stay lean during their season.

How CBD Helps You To Focus

CBD helps to regulate the endocannabinoid system. That is the system that also regulates the main functions of the body which also include those of a cognitive nature. Evidence from research suggests that CBD will not only improve mental health, it will have a positive impact on mental behavior and performance.

Why NBA Players Are Good Examples

For fans of the NBA, you know that there is a lot of physical contact in a normal professional basketball game. It is from these contacts that the body sustains many different types of impacts and considering that NBA players do not wear a layer of padding, the impacts will have significant potential for serious damage. You’ve seen players get pushed out of the court, trip up and collide many times during the course of a single game.

With NBA players turning to CBD as an essential part of their recovery program, it says a lot about the health benefits that can be experienced by any athlete. Because CBD helps professional basketball players to recover faster and become stronger in less time than other healing methods, it allows them to reach their performance peak quicker.

What Balance CBD Does

Here are the three main reasons why NBA players look to Balance CBD products as part of their fitness program:

  • Balance CBD assists with pain management as well as quicker recovery
  • Balance CBD keeps your metabolism in check which prevents weight gain
  • Balance CBD increases athletic endurance and performance

Why NBA Players Use Balance CBD

There are many reasons why you should be using Balance CBD. Here are three primary reasons to do so:

  • Balance CBD is legal as it contains less than 0.01% THC
  • Balance CBD provides online support
  • Balance CBD is a high-quality, all-natural product


There are few negatives related to Balance CBD. Here they are:

  • The cost may seem high to some users but quality does cost
  • It is only available online

To give you incentive to give Balance CBD a try, use coupon code LOVENBA20 at checkout to receive a store-wide 20% OFF discount.

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In Conclusion

Clearly, CBD does some wonderful things for athletes. If you are an active person, and not what you would consider in the shape of a professional NBA player, you can still receive the same benefits from CBD. Whatever sporting injury you may have, by using CBD you will recover faster and be back on the court in less time than from using traditional healing methods. If professional athletes are using it to assist with their game, then you know it has to be safe enough for you to use as well. CBD is all-natural and will promote healing. CBD has had a positive effect on many NBA players, just imagine what it can do for you!

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